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If the fronds of your queen palms look stunted or frizzled, your queen palms have a fungal infection commonly called 'Frizzle Top'. This disease is spread by rain, insects and people that trim your trees and don't sterilize their tools properly.

A healthy tree that has all the micro nutrients it needs can fight off this infection.

Unlike most other palm trees, the queen palm mainly uses manganese in large amounts as an enzyme-activator to fight off diseases. The reason queen palms are susceptible to fungal infection is usually because there isn't enough manganese available for the new frowns as they develop.Cartoon Warner checking Queen Palm

By regularly introducing manganese into the root system in the correct amounts (usually 12% or more), the new frowns will be more resistant to fungal infections.

Our treatment of queen palms includes soil injected fertilization with the correct amount of manganese added to the soil where the regular watering will slowly dissolve and disperse it.

In more urgent cases, it is best to also use tree injectors to get the micro nutrients directly into the tree. This will get the necessary manganese and other micro nutrients to the fawns quicker. We also provide that service.

Warners Tree Surgery:

Warner's Tree Surgery is a family business that is now in its second generation. Our business consists of my wife Pat, who manages the office and answers the phones, my youngest son Patrick, and me - Warner Working.

Expert Tree Disease Diagnosing and Treatment:

We offer expert tree disease diagnosing and treatment. We have a knowledge of the inner-workings of plant biology and a working overview of how a trees works as a complete system. This knowledge has arisen from 45 years of study and practical fieldwork.

Help For Old Citrus Trees:

Citrus trees that are properly cared for can live and produce good fruit for more then 80 years. We can usually reverse most or all of the damage done to citrus trees.

Help For Sick Queen Palms

We offer help for sick queen palms by insuring that the tree has the necessary micronutrients on a regular bases and when necessary by injecting them with specialized nutrientss to kick start the healing process.

Tree Fertilizing Deep Root Fertilization:

We offer - regular - correct - high pressure soil injected fertilization. All knowledgeable arborists realize that the majority of the specialized roots that process fertilizer are shallow and grow upwards. Beware of anyone using old - incorrect - Deep Root Fertilizing Methods.

Soil Treatment Including Mycorrhizal Fungi:

We can turn the roots of your trees into super roots with a one time Mycorrhizal soil treatment. After the treatment these fungi will live in and around your trees roots, serving as a secondary root system that extract mineral elements and water from soil. Plus this friendly fungus acts as a barrier to any harmful fungus that may be in your soil


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