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Hi this is Warner with Warner Street surgery where in Mesa today is January 2018 and what we’re looking at is a classic case of Aleppo Pine blight.

Opinions vary on the cause of this affliction but I’m fairly certain that the opinion of the Maricopa County Cooperative extension is the most likely.

They believe the channels that carry water from the roots to the needles are damaged during the summer. In most cases the sun exposed sides are worse.

Some researchers at ASU believe a small might may also be involved. And now that the ash fly has returned to the Valley, they also play a part in damaging needles that are already stressed.
In treating this condition, the first thing to do is adjust the watering so the trees will get at least the equivalent of 55 inches of rainfall a year.

If you look at the pines that are in lawns, you will notice that they appear better and healthier on a general basis then the pines that are not. This is because to keep a lawn green here in the desert you need at least the equivalent of 55 inches of rain.
Fortunately, this is the same amount that it takes to keep a citrus tree alive and healthy. There are charts that reflect this amount of water in gallons per day, and their adjusted by month to give more water in the summer than in the winter.

You can download that chart “irrigating citrus trees” on this website. The second thing to do is resist trimming, any dead branches or needles, as the cuts you make will cause the tree to sap, and the sap is a Pine trees first line of defense against boring insects.
You should also have me come out and treat your trees with injections that will accelerate the healing process. You should also download “what to do if your pine tree is sick” on this website along with “irrigating citrus trees”.

Well that’s about it if you’d like to see me give us a call at 480-969-8808 and we can set up an appointment where I can come out and look at your trees. Thanks

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