Citrus Leaves Curling Casa Grande AZ




Hi this is Warner with Warner tree surgery. It's March 8, 2017. As you can see there's blossoms on the citrus tree and it looks nice and green, it looks pretty good right? But less take a closer look, these are leaves that didn't cycle off and a lot of them are the new leaves.

Okay, so about five or six years ago an insect moved into the valley called the Asian citrus leaf miner that originated in Vietnam and moved to Florida and somehow got here. it has no natural predator and they been in the valley for about five or six years.

In Florida they imported a small loss to keep it under control But as far as I know they've done nothing here

And they have been damaging a significant portion of the leaves. This has lowered the natural reserves that are stored in the roots and the trunks. Because of this the immune system of the trees has been compromised. Also there's no natural occurring insecticides in the skin of the fruit like there used to be.

As a result of that, you've got most of the leaves here are deformed. Some of the insects are very small like the Brown scale, and here you can see leaf roller cause leads to relief our role. Some of them are because leaves to become deformed and stunted, and as a result of that as a result of these leaves being damaged. The leaves don’t have either the size or enough undamaged chloroplast to make the sugars to keep the reserve cells full.

If you’d like me to come look at your trees just give me a call the number is 480969808 this is Warner thank you for watching this video. Okay can talk I can talk what


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