Arborist b 480-969-8808 Warner has been treating sick trees for over 50 years. If you look to the left there are links to our websites on Ash Trees - Citrus Trees - Palo Verde Trees – Pine Trees – Queen Palms . There is also a link to our YouTube channel.


Warners Tree Service - Arborist – Mesa – Gilbert – Chandler - Scottsdale

Warners Tree Service - Arborist – Mesa – Gilbert – Chandler - Scottsdale

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Warner’s Tree Surgery is a family business that consists of my wife Pat, who manages the office and answers the phones, and me - Warner Working.

Expert Tree Disease Diagnosing and Treatment:

We offer expert tree disease diagnosing and treatment. We have a knowledge of the inner-workings of plant biology and a working overview of how a trees works as a complete system. This knowledge has arisen from 50 years of study and practical fieldwork.

Help For Old Citrus Trees:

Citrus trees that are properly cared for can live and produce good fruit for more then 80 years. We can usually reverse most or all of the damage done to citrus trees.

Help For Sick Queen Palms

We offer help for sick queen palms by by injecting them with specialized nutrientss to kick start the healing process.

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