Citrus bud mite (Aceria sheldoni)

Citrus bud mite

The citrus bud mite is a tiny, worm-shaped, creamy white mite. It has only two pair of legs, and is hardly visibly without a magnifying glass. These mites occur in protected places such as under the bracts of buds. They attack the growing points of the twigs, causing malformation of the young leaves and flower buds. As a consequence, the growth of the trees is retarded.

Citrus bud mite 2The fruit set can be seriously reduced and infested fruit may be malformed. Bud mites are more abundant during the hot season. Commonly found in developing and leaf buds. Damage under the bracts causes the death of the buds. Flower bud development is reduced, growth is retarded, branches become stunted and deformed, and rosette-shaped leaves are formed. The fruits, particularly in lemons are deformed. Spots decrease the market value of the fruit and provide entry for fungal infection. Infestation on ripe fruits causes light yellow or silver discoloration. These mites attack all citrus species, but damage is usually worst in lemons.


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