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Rene Caisse & The History of Essiac Tea

Essiac Tea for Diabetes

Dr. Clark’s method – Beginner’s guide

Rene Caisse was a Canadian nurse who used essiac to treat thousands of people throughout her life. She first learned about the tea in 1922 during a conversation with a patient, an older English woman. Rene noticed a scar on her breast. The woman told Rene about her trip from England to northern Ontario, and how she had developed swelling and pain in her breast during that time. An old native medicine man had told her that she had cancer, and that he could heal her.
Skeptical of his claims, however, she decided to seek medical attention and, after traveling to southern Ontario, the old English woman was diagnosed with advanced cancer. The doctors suggested that her breast be removed completely. At that time this woman and her husband were very poor, and when given the choice of losing a breast or trying the medicine man’s remedy, she saw no reason why she wouldn’t at least try it. Upon reaching the mining camp, the English woman sought out the consultation of the medicine man and began taking the medicine as a treatment for her cancer.
Rene, entranced by the story, wrote down the names of the plants and herbs used in the medicine, and kept them for herself to help if she ever developed cancer in future. As it happened, her aunt was diagnosed with cancer in the town of Brockville, Ontario. After reaching her and speaking with the doctor, who she had known previously because of patients she had nursed in the past, she requested that they try the old medicine man’s tea to see if it would help. Given that the doctor had no other medical knowledge to apply to the cancer, he consented, in the hopes of helping the woman. After taking the tea regularly, Rene’s aunt lived for 21 years after her run in with cancer, and was never diagnosed with any recurring cancer again.

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What is black seed?

This remarkable bunch of seeds comes from Nigella sativa of the plant family Ranunculaceae. Also referred to as the fennel flower plant,
this simple herb has been around for centuries and is well-known in Arabian traditional medicine, also being used in Far East Asia and Europe. Known as “Habbatul Barakah” in Islam and Arabic which means “the seed of blessing,” it is a longstanding traditional remedy for a huge number of ailments such as fever, gas pain, digestive ailments, cough, jaundice, skin diseases, inflammatory conditions, diarrhea, and a host of many other conditions.


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