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Tipu Tree Leaves Turning Yellow Mesa AZ

The Tipuana tipu, is also known as the rosewood and sometimes the pride of Bolivia.
It can grow to almost 100 feet in height and it gets up to 55 feet wide.
The tipu is used as a shade tree in Arizona.

The leaves of the tipu tree are about 10 inches long, and made up of leaflets 1 to 3 inches long.

The flowers are bright yellow in color and bloom only briefly in the late summer.

The tipu psyllid is sometimes a problem for tipu trees. The extensive feeding of the tipu psyllid causes the leaves on the tipu trees to curl and drop early reducing the stored chemical energy in the reserve cells of the tree.

As reserve energy decreases trees are more susceptible to disease.

Tipu psyllid nymphs and adults nymphs are tiny insects that feed on the sap. All life stages (except eggs) attack young leaves and branches of Tipu

The nymphs produce wax pellets. Adults and nymphs produce large amounts of honeydew which fosters the growth of black sooty mold on leaves and branches.
The Tipu is also a food plant for the spittlebugs, and in both Southern California, and Arizona.

The spittlebug  that likes the tipu comes from Africa, and the tipu spittlebug is very social and enjoys being in crowd, in its larval and nymph stages, they feed on a variety of plants, and produce protective nests of nasty looking foam from the plant's sap. Excreted in large amounts, the foam drips constantly causing wet patches on the soil below.

Adults have slate-grey wings. The head is white and rounded with large dark eyes, and small black and yellow marks on the forehead.

We treat for the tipu psyllid and the spittlebug  with a onetime injection of a fast acting insecticide that goes directly into the tree.

For the tipu psyllid we get the home owner on a yearly program of treating the tree with Bayer advanced tree and shrub.

Unfortunately the Bayer advanced Tree and Shrub does not control spittlebugs. For the spittlebugs  Bayer recommends using it's 3-1 Insect, disease and mite control.