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The citrus long-horned beetle (A. chinensis syn. A. malasiaca) has been introduced from Asia to Europe and North America. It is a pest of citrus and other fruit and nut Citrus long-horned beetle 2trees.



It infests forest trees and ornamentals. It attacks over 100 species of trees, shrubs, and herbs from many plant families. Damage from its wood-boring larvae can kill trees



The Citrus longhorn beetle (Anoplophora chinensis), is a new threat with the potential to cause severe damage to a wide range of UK broadleaved trees and shrubs. Because it is not established it is classed as a quarantine pest for the European Union and is therefore subject to official controls. The natural range of the beetle includes China, Japan and other countries in South East Asia.

A group of organisations - Fera, Forestry Commission, National Trust, Woodland Trust, Horticultural Trades' Association and others have combined their efforts to produce two versions, one for a general audience and one aimed at the horticultural trade, of a film designed to provide information and background on why the beetle is a problem, how to identify it, symptoms to look out for, and most importantly what to do if you suspect you may have found either the pest or signs of its presence


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A female(?) of citrus long-horned beetle (Anoplophora malasiaca, family Cerambycidae) getting airborne from a leaf and then from a branch. Early-August 2013 in Japan

Citrus Long-horned Beetle Takeoff


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