Queen Palms

If the fronds of your queen palms look stunted or frizzled, your queen palms have a fungal infection commonly called 'Frizzle Top'. This disease is spread by rain, insects and people that trim your trees and don’t sterilize their tools properly.

A healthy tree that has all the micro nutrients it needs can fight off this infection.

Unlike most other palm trees, the queen palm mainly uses manganese in large amounts as an enzyme-activator to fight off diseases. The reason queen palms are susceptible to fungal infection is usually because there isn’t enough manganese available for the new frowns as they develop.Cartoon Warner checking Queen Palm

By regularly introducing manganese into the root system in the correct amounts (usually 12% or more), the new frowns will be more resistant to fungal infections.

The best way  we have found to get the micro nutrients directly into the tree is with tree injectors that go directly into the trees. The tree injectors will get the necessary manganese and other micro nutrients to the fawns quicker than any other method.

New Info:

Sometime In the summer of 2016 a rain that fell in Maricopa County Arizona. Had some unusual effects on certain trees in the valley.  I know this because of the sudden increase in calls I received for certain types of tree problems.

 First I received a flood of calls on brazilin pepper trees with sporadic dying leaves, something which hardly ever happens, this was matched by calls for grapefruit trees with dying leaves, something that does happen after a rain every two to three years.

Also I received a slew of calls for ash trees with dying branches, that couldn't be totally explained by insect damage. The clincher however was that I observed that everywhere this occurred at least 50% of the queen palms had their new shoot destroyed. This new shoot would have created the top frown for the season, and if a Queen Palm goes for a year or two without growing a top, it is in danger of dying.

I suspect that people will start noticing the damage done to the Queen Palms in the spring of 2017 and beyond, If  you're one of those people here's what you should know.

Queen Palms need lots of manganese to fight disease, and grow strong fronds. if a Queen Palm has enough manganese its chances of fighting a disease are greatly improved, and the frond is much less likely to brake in strong winds. If it is manganese deficient it is more susceptible to fungus, and other diseases.

That's why we inject a special liquid fertilizer, high in manganese, directly into the Queen Palms.  It is absolutely the fastest way to get the manganese to the tops, which is critical for the correct development of the new fronds.

You can call Pat at (480) 969-8808 to schedule an appointment to have me look at your trees.

Once we get your Queen Palms healthy you can maintain them by either having us treat them yearly with injections, or by doing it yourself  with the products listed below. These products are fine if used regularly on healthy trees.

Regular palm tree fertilizers don't  have enough manganese for Queen Palms!!!

Queens Palms can be maintained with  products like Lutz Manganese Spikes , which you can get on Amazon, and are fine if used regularly, but they take months to deliver the manganese to the top. Moon Valley Nurseries carries a product for Queen Palms called super palm juice,  it needs to be applied to the soil monthly, and again it takes time to work its way to the top.

If you're Queen Palm are sick we can usually save them,  but if you're Queen Palm develops bud rot, then you're chances of saving your Queen Palms are less.

For more information on bud rot and how to treat it please see this article on Phytophthora Bud Rot on this site.

Additional Tips:

                1 In the summer Queen Palms need lots of water 25 to 30 gal twice a week.

                2 Only trim dead frowns, every green leaf will add to its strength.

                3 Sterilize saws before cutting frowns, use any household disinfectant spray.

                4 When removing dead husks never use a chain saw.

                5 When trimming never allow someone to use climbing spikes, Pole saws or           ladder only.

                6 Do it yourself, invest in the best, Silky Telescoping Landscaping Pole Saw            HAYAUCHI 390 16-Feet Get it on  Amazon. Believe me you'll be glad you did.

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