citrus leaves curling and turning yellow




Hello this is Warner with Warner’s tree surgery, and the leaf we are looking at here has been infected with the Asian citrus leaf minor.

Now the Asian citrus leaf minor is a small moth and when it is full-grown you can just barely see it, it’s from Vietnam by way of Florida and Australia, and it has no natural predators here in Arizona plus It breeds up to 14 times a year.

This insect has been in the citrus trees now for eight or nine years. Because there is no other insect to keep it in balance, they have depleted the stored energy in almost every citrus tree in Maricopa County.

Because of the depleted reserves the trees are no longer able to defend themselves against other insects or soil borne fungus. Also in many cases the fruit is considerably smaller and less sweet.

Now you can see the gloss on the leafe and that’s because this leaf was infected just a few days ago. After a few days it looks more like this. And finally, it looks like this leaf where it appears to be eaten.

So what you do to fix this is you have to get rid of the insects, you have to get the fertilizing right, the water right, and then have us treat it with a substance that will kickstart the immune system.

If you’re watching this video on YouTube, you will find a link in the description that will take you to my website where you can download the PDF file titled what to do if your citrus trees are sick. This handout will give you instructions on how to get rid of the insects which fertilizer to use and how much to water your citrus trees. The name of the website is tree-disease-treatments-mesa-az.com.

If you’d like me to come out and look at your trees and treat them so they can stand a better chance of recovering just give me a call. The number is 480 969-808. Thank you for watching the video, this is Warner saying goodbye.



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